360° Berlin Wall

New Asisi Panorama at Checkpoint Charlie

© asisi
© asisi

From 22 September 2012 onwards artist Yadegar Asisi will take Berliners and guests back to the times before the fall of the Berlin wall. On that date “THE WALL – The Asisi Panorama on the Divided Berlin” will open at Checkpoint Charlie. In a huge cylindrical steel rotunda a 360° panorama is currently being installed. It shows a day in autumn in the ‘eighties, with ramshackle house facades, playing children and patrolling GDR border guards.

The artist integrates many personal elements into the work: “In the ‘eighties I lived in Kreuzwerk at and with the Wall. The panorama bundles my experiences and tells the viewer very detailed stories which would not have happened simultaneously in this way. The many everyday stories in the panoramic view show that a lot of inhabitants came to terms with the circumstances.”

“The Wall” is already the second Asisi panorama in Berlin. “Pergamon – Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis” can still be visited on Museum Island 14 October 2012. A 22 x 100 m large panorama with day and night simulation, music and everyday sounds revives the ancient city of Pergamon. At the same time the first major general exhibition on the ancient metropolis Pergamon is shown in the museum.

More information is provided on the website www.asisi.de.